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We are Clean Bharat facility management Company

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Our integrated Facilities Management provides the most wide-ranging range of ‘hard’ Services and ‘soft’ cleaning/specialized services. Please click on each specific service webpage for more details about our services.

Clean Bharat FM project management operation is our sourcing and supply chain capability. Through building a strong working relationship we maintain solid buying power and secure reliable and high-quality performance within a cost-effective framework.

While we enjoy introducing new machines and technology to our cleaning services, we strongly believe that innovation in cleaning is not just about the latest equipment, but also about truly thoughtful the science behind cleaning, and developing processes and procedures to match.

We are pride ourselves on our well-trained teams consistently delivering excellence service in Facility Management.


Clean Bharat Facility Management is committed to providing supreme quality service by exceeding the expectations of our clients, through continuous improvements in Quality and Services.


Our vision is to be a leading professional Facilities Management team that is widely recognized for exceptional care and innovative services.


Clean Bharat is one the best professional integrated facility management service provider, well known for our Housekeeping Services, Industrial Cleaning, Residential Cleaning, Corporate Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Pest Management, Garden Maintenance and Horticulture Management and Various Other Manpower Supplies under the ambit of Facility Management.